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  • Price management service

    CIEC Group is fully committed to providing industrial services to help customers proactively respond to external price fluctuations, effectively minimize risks, and ensure maximum operating returns.35.jpg

    Three Service Systems

    Basis Trading

    1.Through forward price locking, we meet customers' needs to lock in future raw material prices or product sales profits, optimize procurement costs, and avoid volatility in pricing.

    2.Through deferred pricing, customers can flexibly choose appropriate timing for pricing during the contract period and determine the contract settlement price,and thereby helping customers to optimize procurement costs, reduce inventory costs, minimize capital expenditure, and improve risk management.

    Option Trading Services (Options Business)

    CIEC is China's largest option trading service provider, with a cumulative volume of over 10 million tons in the past three years, and currently has more than 50 option products.

    1.According to the buying customer's target purchase price, a procurement plan is formulated, and the order may be successfully purchased if the price is achieved at maturity. A rebate is given if the order is not successful.

    2. According to the selling customer's target price, a sales plan is formulated, and if the order is successfully placed at maturity, the goods are sold at the target price. If the order is not successful, a rebate is given.

    Financial Services

    With our conventional supply chain business, we structure flexible financing solutions for our customers including competitive interest rates and extended payment terms.

    Supply chain logistics

    CIEC Group has established an international logistics network, aiming to assist in completing overseas transportation, overseas distribution, warehousing, and other services for the international business sector, and to provide complete logistics solutions for various types of trade orders and projects, including but not limited to cost accounting, route design, transportation mode selection, and market analysis. Products covered include steel, iron ore, coal, scrap steel, with an annual transportation volume of over 2 million tons. Our key international transportation partners are OLDENDORFF, CONTI-LINES, RONGTUA, PACIFIC BASIN, CHUNAN(CLIO), CHINALAND, TRAWIND, ETL, SINOWAY, G2.

    Bulk storage network Bulk transportation platform Digital warehouse storage receipts

    Bulk storage network

    Bulk transportation platform

    Digital warehouse storage receipts


    Construction Material Delivery

    Main materials: steel, asphalt, cement, sand, etc.
    For building and infrastructure projects, including procurement
    One-stop, three-dimensional service.

    Cooperation with Urban
    Construction and Investment

    By promoting the development of a thriving ecosystem, we can empower the growth of the city and CIEC, with all achieving their full potential.
    Delivery of construction projects such as affordable housing, resettlement housing, housing for skilled professionals, water conservancy projects for low-rent housing, and delivery of transportation projects.
    Extensively develop regional resources and serve regional industrial clusters.
    Contact Number
    +86 0571-86708009
    24-27,30-31,33-35/F Hanjia International Building, 8 Dangui Street, Fuchun Road,Hangzhou CBD, Shangcheng District,Hangzhou, China
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